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Global Ministries, Inc.

Kathi Winter has been an HIV educator under the auspices of the Red Cross and Aids Service Association since 1999

Kathi’s strong belief in the role of education to combat the growing spread of HIV/AIDS led her to Africa, and in 1998 she co-founded Outreach to Africa, a 501-C3 California nonprofit corporation.

The Hatchet

Sometimes we know forgiveness is a God ordained act, so we bury the hatchet - But, it's buried face up, meaning it's...

... got potential for hurting back or taking revenge - the blade is exposed - creating tension.

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She’s traveled the world. She’s run her own business for over 30 years. She’s spoken to thousands about understanding HIV/AIDS.

Winter has traveled the world over addressing HIV/AIDS issue with thousands of people...

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Turning The Tide

My initial impressions from attending the first International AIDS conference being held in the U.S. after sixteen years of visa restrictions.

The theme was “Turning the Tide Together” and there were over 23,766 attendees representing over 122 countries who...

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Betrayal & Forgive

Kathi Winter is an American business woman who has experienced both betrayal and forgiveness.

She has traveled all over Africa and also to China on her unique mission to bring the message of Christ’s forgiveness...

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